Kentucky dad wins big lottery prize weeks after wife’s death

A grieving father of four in Kentucky says his big lottery prize will help him pay for his wife’s funeral expenses.

Bryan Marsh’s wife died earlier this month following a battle with substance abuse, according to WXIX.

On the same day he was to complete the difficult task of picking up her remains, lottery officials say he stopped at Good Spirits Wine & Tobacco in Erlanger to buy a few scratch-off lottery tickets, the North Kentucky Tribune reported.

Marsh told officials he doesn’t typically spend much money on tickets, but decided to buy a $10 scratcher, WLWT reported. After scratching the ticket, he said he didn’t think he’d matched any numbers.

Marsh then returned to the store to cash in a winning ticket and had the clerk double-check the $10 scratcher, the Tribune reported. The clerk scanned the ticket and gave Marsh some surprising news: The prize was more than the store was able pay.

“I didn’t even know how much I’d won,” Marsh said, according to WXIX. “I hadn’t even scratched off the prize amounts.”

Then, he saw $200,000 appear on the store’s scanner and checked his card again, WLWT reported.

“I just started yelling, ‘It’s 200,000, it’s $200,000!” Marsh said, according to the Tribune. He’d matched the number 27 on a Bluegrass Blowout ticket.

Marsh received a check for $142,000 after taxes, according to WLWT.

“This money will help prepare for the future,” Marsh said, WXIX reported. “It’s going to cover my wife’s funeral expenses and take away my debt.”

Marsh told lottery officials the win came at a strange time and that he’s sad his wife isn’t there to experience it with him, the Tribune reported.

“The roller coaster of life has its ups and downs and I’m just holding on, “ he said, according to WXIX.

Erlanger is in northern Kentucky near the Ohio line about 10 miles south of Cincinnati.

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