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With a plethora of betting sites available for potential bettors to choose from, picking the best one to suit the demands and requirements that an individual may have can be a rather challenging task.

Indeed, depending on the sport that is wanted to be bet on, there could be a number of advantages and disadvantages to one choice compared to another. Therefore, it is vitally important to consider a few things before picking which one is best.

Important to research

The first thing to think about is how others have experienced using the potential sports betting site that will be chosen. With so many out there, it could be the best way to find out if one will be better than the other.

However, this is where bettors should also be careful as there will be a number of biased reviews as well, which will have the aim of trying to attract players to one particular casino. Naturally, this can sometimes be hard to spot, however reading reviews written by passionate gamblers will generally provide a great insight into what to expect.

Football the most popular betting market

Football betting is by far the most popular betting market in Europe and the UK, and therefore, most bookmakers tend to focus on this type of betting.

There are some very great, fair and honest reviews for a number of football betting sites, including the sites found at MaxFreeBets.

For example, for those that fancy a flutter on some of the football action that is taking place, then visiting such sites as Bet365, BetFred and BetItOn could be wise choices as each of these bookmakers provide a number of different markets to place a wager on, whilst they each provide a number of special features such as bonus offers for joining them as a new player.

Cricket and Horse Racing on the rise

If football is not the sport of choice, though, there are still a number of different betting sites that can fulfil those gambling needs.

For instance, the likes of BoyleSports, Ladbrokes and StarSports can be considered the best for horse racing, whilst the best betting sites for cricket can be either Bet365, Unibet or 888 Sports, depending on your preferences.

Look at the sporting events on offer

As readers will see, there are plenty of different options for each sport and the same bookmaker will not necessarily be the best one for their particular needs. One way of determining which one is the best, though, would be to look at the sporting events that are on offer and the markets that have been made available.

The best will tend to offer a vast number of markets, whilst some of the poorer choices may only offer a limited number of sports events or markets, thus limiting the experience that can be felt.

Check out the history of each bookmaker

The history of the site should also play a huge role in which sites can be considered the best betting sites for sports, as the longer they have been available, then the more likely they can be considered trustworthy and safe.

That is not to say that a new site is not worth the chance, however it can be difficult to know what to expect at times, whereas a betting site with a history will be easier to research and find out more information about.


As can be seen, there are a number of different factors that need to be considered when trying to find the best betting sites by the sport wished to be gambled on. However, by following the advice set out above, then bettors should be able to find the best one to suit their demands and ensure they have an enjoyable gambling experience.

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