Video Game Betting: A Novice’s Guide

It has been well documented over the past year or so that the video game industry is booming right now. Whilst it was already well established and well on its way to becoming a behemoth in the entertainment industry, the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns around the world have really helped push the success of gaming to even higher levels; according to reports, the video game industry is now worth more than the music and film communities put together.

A huge driving force behind this success in the industry has been the substantial and sustained growth of competitive and professional gaming (known as ‘Esports’) in the community. Over the past decade or so, more and more video game titles have seen their professional communities develop thanks to an influx of partnerships with huge multinational companies such as Coca-Cola, DHL, Intel and Monster, which has in turn led to the major tournaments in each game being bolstered with prize pools that can stretch into the tens of millions of dollars.

Betting on these video games and their events has become a popular pastime for fans, but also represent a unique opportunity for even those who don’t play the games to make some money themselves. Here’s everything you need to know about betting on video games.

What Are The Most Popular Video Games To Bet On? 

By and large, the video games with the most stacked and fleshed out betting markets are the ones that dominate the competitive Esports industry. The likes of League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Dota 2 and Fortnite are arguably the biggest leading lights currently in the Esports industry, and they will often be the titles that dominate the markets on sites that specialise in video game betting.

One look at the latest League of Legends or CS:GO odds will show a user just how stacked their professional scene is with tournaments and events available to bet on.

What Types Of Bets Can You Place? 

In short, a lot.

It might surprise some to learn that the video game industry has actually been one of the biggest innovators when it comes to the way wagering works, especially online. With the gambling industry transitioning more and more onto the digital world, video game betting has ridden the wave front and centre with the types of bets users can place.

There is of course the option to check out the best betting markets around and back a match or tournament winner in a season outright as you would with a real world sport, as well as being able to jump in and out of a market via live in play odds once a match has gone live. Esports betting sites such as often have live streams lifted from online streaming sites such as embedded for fans to follow the action right up to the second as it happens.

Video games have also brought with them a plethora of new forms of wagering. Spread betting has enjoyed a new resurgence thanks to the video game industry, with the possibility of wagering on the amount of kills by a single player, the amount of maps played, the amount of rounds over the course of a series etc. all lending themselves nicely to the format.

Virtual betting utilises livestream vods from the past and allow houses to have markets in play 24/7, even when an event isn’t on. Skill gaming has also enjoyed a serious resurgence thanks to continued innovations in technology, with players now able to place bets on themselves and begin wagering on their own performances in their favourite video games now.

What Are The Best Sites To Begin Betting On? 

The likes of Betway and William Hill are undoubtedly the most established bookmakers who have best embraced the Esports revolution, however newcomers to the industry might be best placed by sticking to the sites who have already made their name in the gaming world.

Unikrn have established themselves as the world’s leading Esports experts following their founding in 2014 by Rahul Sood. They house a resident Esports betting Tipster that posts regular columns giving users the best tips on where their money should be put, they run a detailed and well updated news blog from the industry for users to follow the latest goings on in the Esports industry and, as well as the best collection of titles and markets to bet on, an enticing new virtual betting mode, and their very own unique skill gaming platform (known as ‘UMode’) that allows users to bet on themselves in everything from CS:GO to PUBG and begin to make money playing games.

Couple all of these remarkable features with the live streams of every single event covered on the page and Unikrn can crown itself as the only place video game fans need to visit.

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