Man shot with rifle in armed robbery at MGM Casino hotel room

Nathaniel Nagbe was staying at MGM National Harbor casino hotel on Aug. 12, 2020. The Gaithersburg resident says he won big playing blackjack and wanted to party.

OXON HILL, Md. — Prince George’s County Police say two gunmen snuck a rifle into MGM National Harbor, burst into a hotel room, and shot a man twice in a hallway before walking away. This brazen robbery last August hasn’t been publicly reported until WUSA9 started asking questions. 

Now, the man shot is sharing his story for the first time. 

Nathaniel Nagbe was staying at MGM National Harbor casino hotel on Aug. 12, 2020. The Gaithersburg resident said he won big playing blackjack and wanted to party.

“I won $60,000 that day. I showed it off to a few of my friends, I invited a few people there,” Nagbe recalled.

Nagbe was startled while inside his hotel room, he noticed the door started to open.

“I only requested one key because I don’t ever give anyone another key to my room,” he added.

According to the police report, a woman he planned on meeting later at the casino floor came into his room, joined by two gunmen.

“One of the men had an AR-15,” Nagbe said. “The other one had, like, I think it was a Glock.”

Nagbe said he was pinned down and forced to give the hotel safe combo. But when the robbers couldn’t open the safe, that’s when Nagbe said he ran into the hallway where he was shot, twice in the groin area.

“The pain was excruciating,” he said. “It was unbearable.”

Bleeding, Nagbe stumbled 17 stories down the stairwell.

“I was in so much pain, but it was like my body was preparing myself for death, because I knew no one was coming to help me,” Nagbe said.

He finally got to the hotel valet, who helped him call for help. 911 audio from that night describes how the three suspects walked out of the casino as dispatchers alerted patrolling officers of one: “One male, approximately 20 years of age. All black clothing. He had a headscarf on and he’s got a backpack.”

MGM Resorts declined to say whether it increased security after the August shooting.

“MGM National Harbor is aware of this incident and is fully cooperating with the proper Prince George’s County authorities,” MGM Resorts said in a statement to WUSA9. “The safety of our guests is our highest priority, and our security team works closely with law enforcement and security experts to provide a safe environment.”

Prince George’s County Police said in 2020, the department responded to one rape, three robberies, one carjacking, and one assault with a weapon at MGM National Harbor.

Prince George’s County State’s Attorney charged Alicia McCoy, 25, of D.C. with attempted first-degree murder and several related charges. Her attorney has not responded to WUSA9’s request for comment.

Prosecutors also charged 20-year-old Barry Reid, of Temple Hills with attempted first-degree murder and several related charges.

Nagbe’s attorney said this shooting creates doubts about the effectiveness of MGM Resorts’ security. 

“I have not heard anything in the public record about this whatsoever,” attorney Alexander Bush said. “And it would seem to be something someone might want to know before making a decision, whether they wanted to go there.”

The bullets that ripped through Nagbe’s groin area and lower abdomen caused pain and life limitations that multiple surgeries have not yet fixed.

“I loved MGM so much, but it’s like when this happened, it was like, you know, how could you do this to me?” Nagbe asked. “How could you let someone just come to my room? You see everyone on camera.”

Prince George’s County Detectives are still investigating this case. There is still one suspect remaining and police say a cash reward is being offered and any tips to their Crime Stoppers number 1-866-411-TIPS can remain anonymous.

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