Trends and statistics for Malta-based online casinos

Malta-based casinos are some of the most popular ones in the world. They are safe, private, and reliable. Here are a few trends and statistics for Malta-based online casinos that have shaped their operations. 

1. Increase in payment options

Malta casinos now have a wide variety of payment options including mobile payments and cryptocurrencies. Most players can now complete deposits and withdrawals with their electronic wallets and cards. Traditional payment options like bank transfers are available as well. However, their availability depends on players’ countries of origin. 

The increase in payment options makes it easy for an online casino to stand out from competition. Players are always looking for convenience and flexibility. Even when the traditional payment methods are still available, they enjoy having other options.

Cryptocurrencies are some of the biggest trend in 2021. They allow players to make payments safely and anonymously. Casinos with licences from Malta Gaming Authority have been allowing payments with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. 

Mobile billing is a fairly new trend as well. Even though it has faced some criticism, the payment option is being included in various casinos. They set restrictions to promote safety. 

2. Personalisation

Casino gambling can be personalised to suit the needs of individual players and Malta-based casino sites have hopped on the trend. There are various ways to personalise an online casino, including the use of local payment methods and multiple languages, as you can see in the link above.

Gamblers enjoy bonuses, and casinos are now personalizing them to meet individual needs. While newcomers get general welcome bonuses, loyal players receive promotions that may suit their tastes. This way, the needs of all players can be met. 

For a long time, factors like poor customer service, language barrier, and slow withdrawals have forced players to avoid online casinos. The trend of personalisation will make things much better.

3. The rise of Esports

Malta Gaming casinos are increasingly paying attention to eSports. In the recent past, more people have been learning about eSports and taking it seriously. Esports tournaments and events have more viewers than ever. 

Even though eSports is still fairly new, it may be the next big thing in 2021. Currently, there are lots of positions at Malta casinos for eSports experts. Both pro and casual players will benefit from the games at Malta casinos. 

4. No account casinos

No account casinos still exist, and they do not seem to be going anywhere in the near future. In the past, these casinos were only popular in Nordic countries. However, things have changed and many European countries have adopted them. 

These casinos work by players logging in to their local banks and sending money to their casinos. They do not need to go through lengthy registration processes. Casinos can only access players’ identification and other crucial details. 

Most Malta-based casinos are slowly adding the no-accounting option to their sites. Even though it may seem like a simple move, the shift to no account casinos has been really slow. These casinos can only work with excellent technology and a flawless identification process. 

5. Stricter regulations

The laws and regulations in Malta-based casinos are becoming stricter. Malta Gaming’s licence has become one of the most difficult ones to obtain. Casinos need to meet certain standards and operators are monitored closely to identify loopholes and fraud cases. 

All online gaming companies are expected to report suspicious behavior to the company. Failure to observe the regulations may attract penalties. Even though Malta Gaming has always had tight rules, they have adopted more. Fortunately, most of these rules are about responsible gaming, something that most of its casinos don’t need to worry about. In 2021, regulatory actions like blocking suspicious payment methods or websites are expected. 

6. The rise of social gaming

Malta-based casinos are embracing social gaming in 2021. It gives players the chance to engage in gambling activities without having to spend real money. The main purpose of social gaming is to have fun and socialize, not to make profits. It promotes interaction with others through chats and real-time discussions. It may be the next big thing as players are constantly looking for opportunities to connect with others online. Even though the success or failure of social gaming is not yet apparent, it could make it or break it in 2021. 

7. Increased number of mobile games

Mobile devices have become popular, and they give players the chance to enjoy their favorite casino games conveniently. One of the biggest drawbacks of casino apps is that they may have a limited number of games. This is mostly because mobile devices may lack sufficient storage space and processing power. However, Malta-based casinos have made significant leaps in technology. Bridging the map has become possible because modern smartphones are more powerful. 

Smartphones getting into the market have multi-core processors. They are as powerful as some computers. It is, therefore, no surprise that Malta-based casinos are coming up with large mobile apps. They may have just as many games as PCs. 

8. Improved graphics

Malta-based casinos are improving in technology and the graphics reflect it. The little Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) in smartphones are now advanced enough to deliver as high as 4K and UHD displays. Many computers may be incapable of delivering such high graphics. Players can now enjoy a more immersive experience with realistic animations, beautiful 3D images, and smooth transitions. The graphics now look great in both mobile sites and apps. Even though casinos have always focused on graphics, they seem to have taken things a notch higher in 2021. 

9. Skill-based gambling

Even though many people enjoy testing out their luck at online casinos, Malta-based sites are shifting to skill-based gambling. They are redirecting their attention from craps, slots, and roulette. This move has been great for millennials who make up a big part of the future market. Even though this is still work in progress, it will impact the industry or many years. Skill based gambling may encourage more people to play as it does away with the house edge. 

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