Unbelievable decision to allow betting shops, casinos to operate

Dear Editor,                                   

In your edition of 1st May 2021 you reported that the Government will now allow betting shops and casinos to operate albeit with reduced patronage permitted at any one time  but of course within the approved  operating hours.

Editor this decision is unbelievable and irrational  given the steep rise in our Covid infections  and mortality rate with April alone accounting for about 22% of total  cases so far and particularly since persons would be within close proximity of each other in these gambling centres. Moreover, these enterprises can in no way be classified as utilities or put in same category as businesses supplying essential goods and services.

Can the Honourable Minister of Health   and the CoviCurb explain this most bizarre decision? There is already chatter on the street that this is primarily to facilitate a large Georgetown enterprise with connections to a senior government functionary.

I await with bated breath on a reply from the powers that be on their rationale as this has to be a most lopsided and inexplicable decision.

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address provided)

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