Trends In The Sports Betting Industry

The sports betting industry has gained a huge boost due to the advancement in technology. From a conventional bookie to online platforms, sports betting has become more convenient and simpler. From convenient credit card payment methods to cryptocurrency, sports gambling is making things easier for its customers. There are numerous online platforms available that provide the opportunity to its customers to place their bets. is one of the safest betting platforms where the players can earn up to 100% bonuses.

Mobile sports gambling

The major reason why sports betting has been so successful in the recent era is because of the accessibility to smartphones. Multiple sports betting mobile applications allow the users to place a bet on their favourite team by sitting at home. The researches have shown that mobile sports betting has earned more than the US $79 billion in 2020.

Live betting is one of the top trends in the sports betting industry. Due to the advancement in technology, it is possible now to place a live bet on an ongoing match. Live betting offers flexibility in betting in terms of making money and placing the bet. Whether it’s a football, hockey, or baseball match, the live betting feature will apply to all sports games. The live betting feature can be availed from Casumo under the Casumo Betting tab.

E-sports is relatively a new type of sport that is not as popular as live sports games such as football or baseball. E-sports is related to computer gaming where teams across the world participate in video game tournaments. Usually, the betters take their bet on the outcome of a match. However, there are also other betting types and betting opportunities for people in this industry. It is also believed that Esports is the future of betting and it will turn out to be as important as other sports.

Machine Learning algorithms

The idea of machine learning algorithms is totally new and technical in the betting industry. Based on AI, certain datasets are prepared that incorporate the history of teams. These data sets are then fed into a computer program. The computer program applies an algorithm and generates results based on the previous data. Machine learning algorithms may become successful to outsmart the current systems however, these algorithms cannot be trusted all the time. Every sport is unpredictable and no software or data set is capable of predicting the outcome of a match 100% accurately.

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