SBC Digital North America: Image of “important part of business model”

As the US betting and gambling industry continues to expand, vertical betting has received a lot of attention, but games continue to play a dominant role.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been identified as a central driver of the rapidly expanding North American gaming industry due to retail closures and the growing need for states to generate additional revenue. And the gaming industry was no exception. ..

Comment on technological and innovative development changes during coronavirus lockdown, Ed Andrews, CEO, Resort Digital Gaming LLC, Insisted that these developments stay here.

“Technical implementation is all about prioritization,” he said. “Perhaps some of the third parties that already have a source of revenue in the physical store world will focus more on sports betting.

“The introduction of the new coronavirus and the opening of a new state have proved that igming is a very important part of the overall business model, which is turning the focus online.

“If a third-party provider changes one of the priorities, it will speed up technology development. The case has been proven, it is generating good revenue, and third-party providers continue to focus on it. Guess “

I found something in common with Andrews about accelerating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the US gaming industry. Dermot Smarfit, CEO, gun In addition, some emphasized the key challenges posed by the market due to the complex nature of the interstate highway system.

“The first accelerator was sports betting,” he began. “The second accelerator was COVID, but now there is a third accelerator that puts pressure on tech providers on retail casinos. This is Michigan’s pre-marketing strategy. Regulators The idea is that B2C operators are likely to allow some pre-marketing, weeks or months before the first legitimate online betting under the US state system. “

To compare our current position in the US market to “a car accident situation where multiple states regulate and permit premarketing or actual operation with very similar timetables” to provide what consumers want. Claimed to be “very difficult”. For example, you can easily access a single app and a single account.

“All the basic blockages and efforts of this industry here in the American interstate market are incredibly complex compared to the 25-year European industry conspiracy,” he continued. “It’s just a continuous increase in technology pressure, whether in-house or third-party. Do you feel relaxed or change? Absolutely not.”

When asked about the idea that cannibalization could occur in the United States, online gaming operators keep customers away from retail stores. William Hornbuckle, CEO and President, MGM Resorts, He and his colleagues claimed to have “fought that idea for ten years.”

Instead, he said the industry would adapt to changing times and consumer trends, and land operators would increasingly adopt online verticals as a means of attracting customers beyond casino doors. It was.

He states: I’ve heard this at Indian casinos and I’ve heard this on riverboats. All other markets opened in this country continue to perform well at macro rates, transcending industry and crossing the industry. We are expanding and expanding our business. This is no exception here. There is an example in Michigan.

“Over time, I’m convinced that the opportunity to create omni-channel and the net benefit of organizations doing it on a large scale, whether or not their customers come to the casino doing.”

I agree with Hornbuckle’s opinion, Brooks Pierce, Chief Operating Officer and President, Inspired entertainment, States as follows.

“Sometimes I want to go to the MGM Grand, sometimes I don’t. They want to know when and how the product suits them.”

Pierce also expressed similar sentiment to Andrews and Smurfit regarding the impact of COVID-19 on the industry. It’s an acceleration of technology, and from both the operator and supplier sides, we think COVID has given us a unique opportunity to really highlight the development of some online products. “

However, Smurfit has a different view of cross-industry cannibalization than the inspired COO, saying: Cannibalism between social casinos and igming is not well understood.

“This is a more interesting aspect of cannibalization. When deployed throughout the United States, if you are a major B2C operator and a social casino, you will spend as much money on people as I am currently spending. It’s hard to convince. You’ll call it a “proxy land product.” “

“In the United States, for such a long period of time, the majority of residents have been banned from igming, and the demand has been met by the counterfeit proxy experience of entertainment-only B2C social casino games.

“That cannibalization is a reality and will have a bigger impact on standalone operators in the coming years, but I think the transition from retail to online is purely gradual in nature.”

The speaker was appearing Gun sportsThe panel, entitled “I-gaming on the Ris – Making Waves in 2022,” was hosted by the moderator. Katie Lever, Chief Legal Officer,so SBC Digital North America June 9-10 event. To display this panel etc. Register with

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